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SheerVideo User Manual

Adobe After Effects

To use SheerVideo with After Effects,

  1. QuickTime Make sure you have installed the latest version of QuickTime. In particular, QuickTime 7.0 fixes a number of bugs critical to the correct operation of SheerVideo. QuickTime can be downloaded for free from Apple's website. Note that you do not need a QuickTime Pro license to use QuickTime in any way in After Effects.

  2. After Effects > Quit After Effects… Quit After Effects, if it's running, unless you've previously installed SheerVideo v2.0.2 or later. This way, once you've installed SheerVideo, launching After Effects Pro will cause it to run the SheerVideo startup script, which tells After Effects Pro that SheerVideo supports high-precision RGB[A] input and output.
  3. SheerVideo Pro Make sure you have the latest version of SheerVideo Pro. We are constantly uploading new versions as we add and improve features and fix bugs. You can download the latest version of SheerVideo Pro from our website.

  4. SheerVideo Pro Installer Run the SheerVideo Pro Installer, which installs the Sheer codecs in the QuickTime folder for After Effects and other QuickTime applications to use, and installs the SheerVideo.jsx startup script.

  5. If you have multiple copies of After Effects installed on your system, you may need to manually install the SheerVideo.jsx startup script by copying it from the folder SheerVideo Pro:Installer Files into the folder Adobe After Effects:Scripts:Startup of any additional instances of After Effects Professional (v6.0 and later). This script tells After Effects Professional (v6.0 and later) that the Sheer codecs can input and output high-precision RGB data, and is not used by After Effects Standard.
  6. Mac OS 9 Windows Restart your computer if you are running Mac OS 9 or earlier or Windows. This is not necessary for Mac OS X Mac OS X.
  7. Adobe After Effects Professional Launch Adobe After Effects.

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