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SheerVideo User Manual

Apple Final Cut Pro

The folder Extras:for Final Cut Pro contains Easy Setups with Sequence Presets and Capture Presets for using SheerVideo in Apple Final Cut Pro for real-time capture, cutting, and display.

To use these Easy Setups:

  1. Select the ones you want according to the following key:

    AJA Kona for use with the AJA Kona
    BMD DeckLink for use with the Blackmagic Design DeckLink

    Cineon Cineon digitized film (3656 x 2664 pixels / frame)
    Cineon Half Cineon half-scale digitized film (1828 x 1332 pixels / frame)
    Film 2K 2K digitized film (2048 x 1536 pixels / frame) (Academy)
    960x720 HD 1280 x 720 rectangular 4:3 pixels / frame (DVCPro HD)
    1280x720 HD 1280 x 720 pixels / frame (HDTV)
    1280x1080 HD 1280 x 1080 rectangular 3:2 pixels / frame (DVCPro HD NTSC)
    1440x1080 HD 1440 x 1080 rectangular 4:3 pixels / frame (HDV, DVCPro HD PAL)
    1920x1080 HD 1920 x 1080 square pixels / frame (HDTV)
    NTSC SD NTSC 720 x 486 pixels / frame
    NTSC Sq SD NTSC 640 x 480 pixels / frame (square pixels)
    PAL SD PAL|SÉCAM 720 x 576 pixels / frame

    i interlaced fields
    p progressive-scan

    60 60 frames per second
    60df 59.94 frames per second (drop-frame)
    30 30 frames per second
    30df 29.97 frames per second (drop-frame)
    25 25 frames per second
    24 24 frames per second
    24df 23.976 frames per second (drop-frame)

    RGB For digitized film and CGI (synthetic imagery)
    Y'CbCr For native video (also known as YUV)

    A Alpha

    10b 10 bits per channel (Billions of Colors)
    8b 8 bits per channel (Millions of Colors)

    f full-range data
    v video-range data

    444[4] chroma sampled at every pixel
    422[4] chroma sampled at every other pixel

    p progressive-scan coding
    i interlaced coding

  2. Copy the easy setups you want into the Final Cut Pro Custom Settings folder

    In Mac OS X, this is:

    Library:Application Support:Final Cut Pro System Support:Custom Settings

    In Mac OS 9, this is:

    System Folder:Application Support:Final Cut Pro System Support:Custom Settings
  3. Launch Final Cut Pro.
  4. In Final Cut Pro, select Final Cut Pro > Easy Setup….
  5. In the Easy Setup dialog, check the Show All box at the top right.
  6. In the Easy Setup dialog, select the desired Easy Setup from the Setup For pop-up menu.

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