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SheerVideo User Manual

Sheer Settings
RGB Input Range

For the RGB 10b pixel formats used by the AJA Kona ('R10k') and Blackmagic Design DeckLink ('r210'), SheerVideo permits you to specify the range of the input components using radio buttons in the Sheer Settings dialog box:

  • Full-range Full-range [0..1023], for RGB 10b ('R10k' or 'r210') data with black at zero and white at one, leaving no headroom for superwhite nor footroom for subblack.
  • Video-range Video-range [64..940], for RGB 10b ('R10k' or 'r210') data with black at 64/1023 and white at 940/1023, leaving SMPTE-standard headroom for superwhite and footroom for subblack.
  • Automatic Automatic, to let SheerVideo choose the appropriate default based on the input pixel format: full-range for AJA 'R10k', video-range for BMD 'r210'.

Note that the 'Rnge' image description extension supplied by AJA's encoder cannot be accessed by a QuickTime codec to determine the range of the data input to an encoder nor the desired range of the data output by a decoder. For developers who want to unambiguously distinguish between full-range and video-range RGB 10b pixel formats, SheerVideo defines the alternative fixed-range pixel formats

  • 'F10k' Full-range 'R10k'
  • 'S10k' Video-range 'R10k'
  • 'F210' Full-range 'r210'
  • 'S210' Video-range 'r210'

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