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Sheer Settings
Scan Mode

Every SheerVideo codec offers two different coding schemes, accessible through radio buttons in the Sheer Settings dialog box: one which is generally more suitable for progressive-scan images, and one which is usually better for interlaced images.

In the Coding section of the Sheer Settings dialog box, select one of the following radio buttons:

  • Progressive Progressive, if you want to encode the image in progressive-scan mode.
  • Interlaced Interlaced, if you want to encode the fields independently.
  • Automatic Automatic, if you want the coding method to be determined by the images' Field Info image description extension. This is the default value.

Note that choosing the "wrong" scanning mode may reduce the compression power, but the video will still be encoded with perfect fidelity. Some software, such as Apple's Component Video codec, does not set the scanning-mode flags in the video track correctly. Note that the interlaced coding scheme is typically slightly faster.

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