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BitJazz Inc.

BitJazz's leadership position is due not merely to the exceptional skills and expertise of our technical staff in the areas of mathematics, algorithm design, digital signal processing, and real-time programming, but also to proprietary advances in digital information theory and novel mathematical techniques that enable us to approach complex digital information-processing problems in novel and more-direct ways. Over the years we have accumulated a substantial store of valuable intellectual property in diverse areas of digital media processing.

In addition to our innovative mathematical techniques and information-theoretical principles, BitJazz has built up a suite of powerful proprietary tools for exploring data of diverse types. These modular tools are designed to be easily extended and customized to deal with the peculiar characteristics of each new project we undertake.

Our proprietary tools and methods give us a decisive edge in inventing new technology. Moreover, they have enabled us to develop a uniquely effective process for inventing new technologies to solve specific problems. In particular, rather than forcing a problem to fit the mold of a different but well-known problem easily solved with a standard set of tools, we focus on truly solving the actual problem, developing new mathematical techniques and software tools as needed along the way. Through this unique process, we develop ground-breaking patentable innovations that give us and our clients a commanding lead over their competitors.

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