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BitJazz Inc.
Executive Profiles

Chief Technology Officer: Andreas Wittenstein

BitJazz Founder Andreas Wittenstein has been at the forefront of many fields in computer science, especially real-time technologies exploiting information theory. Outstanding inventions for which he was chief scientist and chief architect include the patented Phonetic Engine, the front end of the first real-time speaker-independent continuous speech recognizer, winner of the DARPA Speech Understanding Competition; Quick RenderMan, then the fastest 3D renderer, incorporated in the NeXT Step operating system; Glimpse, the first real-time interactive 3D materials editor; Pix + Pixie, the patented first full-screen full-motion high-fidelity movie codec, still unmatched in quality and decompression speed, used in the blockbuster Toy Story CD-ROMs and winner of the first QuickTime award; and JavaMovie, a streaming movie codec for e-mail and web, with featherweight decompressor, unmatched in decompression speed and resolution.

Andreas Wittenstein is also known for his extraordinarily tightly isophonous poetry, which can be viewed on-line at his personal website, andreaswittenstein.com.

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