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BitJazz Inc. Sales

BitJazz Inc. offers a reseller program for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or value-added resellers (VARs) who wish to bundle our products with their own products to add value for their customers.

Resellers receive a 50% discount off the list prices posted on our online store. This 50% reseller discount applies to the single-unit price and to the quantity-discount price, but it does not apply to any other discount prices.

To obtain this rate, we issue you a reseller key to be entered in the 'promotional code' field on our online store pages. You have the customer pay you for the license(s) at your price, and you in turn purchase the license(s) in the customer's name from us at the discount price. Our internal sales staff then emails the license(s) to your customer, and sends you a confirmation at the same time that the order has been fulfilled.

All our products are delivered electronically, so resellers have no need to stock inventory. Although licensed resellers are welcome to integrate the software installers for our products into their own products, please note that such copies are likely to fall rapidly out of date because our products are updated frequently.

Reselling BitJazz products does not preclude reselling any other products from any other manufacturers, including products which might be considered to compete with our own products.

All technical support for BitJazz products bundled with a reseller's products goes through the reseller. Resellers who do not wish to offer the first line of support for our products may prefer our sales agent program.

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