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BitJazz Inc. Sales
Sales Agents

BitJazz Inc. offers a commission sales program for independent sales representatives and sales agents interested in selling our products.

We are currently seeking independent sales representatives worldwide. Qualified sales agents must be familiar with the field of digital video processing and demonstrate a clear understanding of our products.

Compensation is a 33% commission, which the sales representative obtains through a 33% discount off the list prices posted on our Internet store. This 33% discount applies to the single-unit price, to the quantity-discount price, to educational sales of over $100, and to any store-wide sale prices in our online store, but it does not apply to any other discount prices.

To obtain this rate, we issue you a sales-agent key to be entered in the 'promotional code' field on our Internet store pages. You have the customer pay you for our product licence(s) at your price, and you in turn purchase the license(s) in the customer's name from us at your discount price. Our internal sales staff then emails the product license(s) to your customer, and sends you a confirmation at the same time that the order has been fulfilled.

All our products are delivered electronically, so our sales representatives never need to stock inventory.

Registering as a sales agent for BitJazz Inc. does not preclude representing any other product from any other manufacturers, including potential competitors.

BitJazz provides technical support for our products for customers who purchased those products through independent sales representatives.

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