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BitJazz Inc.
Sample Solutions

Examples of breakthrough technologies invented by BitJazz and members of our technical staff include:

  • JavaMovie, one of the first streaming audio+video codecs for e-mail and web, written entirely in portable Java 1, featuring antialiased blending, masking, and scaling, with a featherweight (<17KB) decompressor that can be downloaded over a modem in 2.5 seconds, and can display four times the resolution or frame rate of any comparable codec.
  • The Phonetic Engine, the first real-time continuous-speech speaker-independent speech recognizer, which together with Kai-Fu Lee's syntactic processor won the DARPA Speech Understanding Competition. Featuring a speaker-adaptive filterbank and pitch detector, a self-training rule system, and neural networks optimized for sequential processors.
  • The Pyx+Pixie movie codec used for the blockbuster Toy Story CD-ROM games, featuring the first full-screen (640x480 p/f) full-motion (15 f/s) full-color movie playback, off double-speed CD-ROM, still unmatched in quality and decompression speed.
  • A cross-platform real-time software 2D,3D renderer with texturing and transparency, for Pacific Tech's interactive Graphing Calculator.
  • SheerVideo, a cross-platform lossless image and video codec, the fastest video codec in the world, and the only lossless codec supporting all popular film and video standards.
  • Synchromy, the world's only lossless color-conversion engine.

Other breakthrough technologies include convolutional encryption, nondestructive quasilinear transforms (using novel nonarithmetic operations), the fastest NURBS tesselator (using a breakthrough nonrecursive algorithm), perfectly reversible linear and arbitrary nonlinear digital filters, optimal damped sinusoidal signal determination (using a new direct analytical approach), perfectly lossless color conversion, the fastest quadric tesselator (using a breakthrough linear algorithm), complex exponential splines, an efficient longest substring algorithm, neural networks optimized for sequential processors, and many more.

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