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BitJazz Newsletter
July 2003


I want to quickly let you know before the official product launch that the final release of SheerVideo Pro is finally available. You can download the latest version, v1.1, from


Since the last News Bulletin, we haven't significantly changed the codec engine, but we have added a number of new convenience features to the product:

on-line store

SheerVideo Pro is finally for sale, so you no longer have to keep downloading a new version every couple of weeks to avoid the frustrating error code -8978 (codec disabled). The price is $149 for a single license, and $99 each for 2 or more keys. A combined Mac OS X+8/9 key-pair is $179 for a single user, $119 each for multiple key-pairs. That's a 33% discount for multiple keys.

promotional code for loyal early users

To reward our loyal early adopters for your perseverance throughout the preview period, we are offering a limited-time discount price of just $99 for the first license ($119 for a X+8/9 key-pair), and $10 off additional keys. This offer is valid through the end of July 2003. To take advantage of this special promotion, type the code word "perfect" into the 'promotional code' field on the SheerVideo Store page.

separate reader

We now offer a separate free Reader so your clients can decode and play back your SheerVideo movies with a minimum of hassle.


SheerVideo is now packaged with a convenient installer that displays BitJazz's contact information with clickable web and e-mail links, as well as an introductory description to SheerVideo, the license agreement, and usage instructions. In addition, the installer checks for updates, lets you register, and, of course, installs the codec and updater in the appropriate places. Manual installation instructions are also provided.

automatic update

SheerVideo now periodically checks for updates on our website and lets you automatically download and install the latest version. You can choose how often to check, or run the updater manually. To protect your privacy, the updater does not upload any information; it only downloads a small version file from the BitJazz website.

time-limited free tryout

The fully functional SheerVideo Pro tryout can be downloaded for free and evaluated free of charge for 20 days before deciding to purchase it. That's 20 days on which the codec is actually used. The tryout automatically reminds you how many days are left.


SheerVideo now uses a sophisticated registration mechanism to safeguard your investment.

SSL-secure web pages

For your protection, all information you submit to BitJazz Inc. through our on-line forms is now communicated via 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

feedback, please!

If you have any experiences or insights regarding SheerVideo that you'd like to share with the user community, such as application notes or testimonials for this newsletter and other educational and promotional materials, please drop us a note. We'll try to make it worth your while.


I hope you have found this update useful. This bulletin is also available in German, French, and Spanish.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends and colleagues!

Friendly regards,

Andreas Wittenstein
President, BitJazz Inc.

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