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A lot of unscrupulous codec hawkers make wild, misleading, untestable, and false claims about the accuracy of their codecs.

We want to make it absolutely clear that SheerVideo is a perfect-fidelity codec. We test our codecs rigorously and thoroughly, by mathematical proof, code analysis, boundary tests, and empirical tests on a wide variety of real publicly available standard test images as well as our own special test images, to back up our claim of perfect fidelity. What's more, we make it easy for you and everyone else to test the codecs yourself by offering a free anonymously downloadable demo with a built-in self-check mode to test for perfect fidelity.

What does perfect fidelity mean?

A perfect-fidelity video codec is a codec with which, when you encode a video and then decode it again, the restored video frames are absolutely exactly identical to the originals.

Aladdin Systems' StuffIt and ZIP are familiar examples of perfect-fidelity codecs. Except that utilities like StuffIt and ZIP can only archive entire files or directories, not individual video frames, so none of these utilities can be used on the fly in video editing applications. Not that anyone would want to, since they're excruciatingly slow (0.67 MiB/s on a 1 GHz G4 for StuffIt 6, 0.92 MiB/s for DropZip 6), yet show only mediocre compression power for real-world images (averaging 2.09 for StuffIt, 1.62 for Zip).

The fact that SheerVideo reverses the long-term truism that perfect-fidelity codecs are slower than arthritic tortoises compared to approximating codecs like JPEG and DV may make it difficult to believe that SheerVideo really is a perfect-fidelity video codec. So let's make this perfectly clear:

  • SheerVideo means sheer quality
  • SheerVideo means utterly perfect fidelity
  • SheerVideo means bit-for-bit identical
  • SheerVideo means absolutely exact reproduction
  • SheerVideo means mathematically lossless image compression
  • SheerVideo means zero degradation
  • SheerVideo means completely noise free
  • SheerVideo means nondestructive coding
  • SheerVideo means no artifacts whatsoever
  • SheerVideo means truth in imaging
  • SheerVideo means no information added or lost at all
  • SheerVideo means zero generational loss, forever
  • SheerVideo means every pixel perfectly restored
  • SheerVideo means totally devoid of errors
  • SheerVideo means really truly honestly 100% pixel-perfect

If you're still skeptical, SheerVideo even has a Self-Check Mode option that you can turn on to verify its accuracy, which redecodes each Sheer-encoded frame immediately after encoding it and verifies that no bit has changed.

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