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One River Media “Imagine a lossless video codec that not only crunches the uncompressed file size by half, but works in real time or faster! And in 4:4:4[:4] with alpha channel support! SheerVideo is the fastest encoder I've ever used, including real-time uncompressed codecs. This codec is dead accurate. Use this excellent codec for pre-rendering, archiving, or mastering to smaller file sizes in real time.”

Marco Solorio, OneRiver Media

GRID2 “SheerVideo Pro is an amazing QuickTime codec that works especially well for the interactive video situations video jockeys and other GRID2 users deal with. Because SheerVideo is a lossless video compression system, your images stay exactly the same as the originals, down to the pixel. SheerVideo also makes your movie files smaller for quicker scrubbing and playback in GRID2, even on slower laptop harddrives.”

Jack Turner, VIDVOX

“Dailies for my last film titles project were previewed at 1K with a lossy codec because I did not have a fast, expensive array connected to my workstation. I now have an inexpensive SATA RAID in my G5 and find that by using the lossless Sheer codec I can play at full 2K resolution, uncompressed! I can't wait to use this for my next film or HD project.”

Michael Garrett, Visual Effects Design

“SheerVideo is an excellent product. I've been using it in After Effects Pro and Final Cut Pro HD in my video production and post-production business for over a year, and it looks great. Everything runs as supposed to and as advertised.”

Tom Nibbelin, Digital Chizel

FinalCut München “I made 2 comps in Commotion with your lossless codec today and I'm totally enthused! Exporting from Final Cut Pro is unbelievably fast; deinterlacing / comping / interlacing in Commotion is really fun now; and on top of that you save a lot of storage space. How did you ever do that? Wow.”

Uwe Klimmeck, Editor

Nattress “It's hard to review a product like SheerVideo because there's so little to criticize… BitJazz makes some fairly serious claims for their SheerVideo codec, but fortunately, these claims are easy to test… [and] are backed up by these results…”

Graeme Nattress, review in LAFCPUG
and Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro

eWerk “It's just freakin' awesome that I can take a film stored with perfect quality using the SheerVideo codec and play it back in real time off the internal IDE disk of an ordinary PowerMac without any add-on uncompressed video card or disk array. This codec is one of the best-crafted pieces of software I've ever seen.”

Oliver Busch, Art Director, eWerk

FishEyeEdit “Holy Cow! You have made a miracle! I just took a commercial I did recently, rendered in BlackMagic's 8-bit codec, took it down to Sheer, put that file on a single 120GB Firewire 400 drive and placed it in an 8-bit project. Voilà! It plays beautifully, no dropped frames, edits to Beta tape perfectly! Looks like this could mean the end of expensive SCSI etc. drives, at least for SD. Plus, the quality is absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for this incredible product!”

Chris Poisson, FishEyeEdit

“SheerVideo is great — get it! The video quality is perfect. I couldn't recommend it more.”

amwretail, review on www.versiontracker.com

“Haven't had one problem with this codec since day one of usage… If you want a 100% lossless codec at sizes 40-60% of the size of Animation codec, this baby is for you. For those of you in the professional media field, I can't give enough kudos to this codec… The company addresses questions and issues with their codec so fast it's unbelievable… Great product. Great company.”

Dester Wallaboo, review on www.versiontracker.com

“Personally, I use FCExpress and iMovie, and now that BitJazz is releasing its famous SheerVideo codec, I suggest that you try it out especially on your portables, if only to see the transfer speed and the compression of - hold on tight - more than 55% for Pro-quality video. On my Titanium last night, we worked wonders, and once again I see the astonished eyes of Jean-Louis Aubert. On an Icebook, the encoding takes longer but is identical in result.”


Kinoma “SheerVideo is the latest break-through video compression algorithm from Andreas Wittenstein. As usual, it delivers an unmatched combination of quality and performance.”

Peter Hoddie, President, Kinoma, and former QuickTime Chief Architect

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