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SheerVideo User Manual


Welcome to SheerVideo, BitJazz Inc.'s powerful perfect-fidelity real-time image compression & decompression system.

If you work with digital film, studio-quality video, or broadcast-quality video, then SheerVideo is the ideal format for you. Compared to uncompressed formats, SheerVideo saves you time, space, and money. That is because SheerVideo:

  • takes less than half the disk space
  • takes less than half the time to compress and store on disk
  • takes less than half the time to retrieve from disk and decompress
  • takes less than half the bandwidth to transmit over a network
  • takes less than half the time to transmit over a network
  • maintains absolutely perfect fidelity

No other image format can make these claims. What's more, SheerVideo is the most versatile format around, with perfect-fidelity real-time support for

  • RGB[A] & Y'CbCr[A]
  • optional alpha
  • 8-bit & 10-bit precision per channel
  • full-range, video-range, unbiassed-range, & wide-range
  • 4:4:4[:4] & 4:2:2[:4]
  • progressive & interlaced
  • over 2 dozen pixel formats
  • Synchromy perfect-fidelity color-conversion
  • film & video
  • SD, HD, & any D
  • 4:3, 16:9, & any:any
  • Mac & PC
  • OS X & OS 8|9
  • XP, Me, 2000, '98, '95, & Vista
  • G5, G4 & G3
  • P4, P3, & AMD
  • single-CPU, dual-CPU, & multi-CPU
  • single-core & dual-core

Again, no other image format can make these claims. But perhaps best of all,

  • SheerVideo Reader is free

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